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"Parenting multiples…

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it’s not just about babies”




Welcome to the Multinet Multiple Birth Association


Multinet MBA was formed in 2003 to help fill the void of support and information on the raising of multiple birth children once they have left the baby/toddler stage of their development.


Our membership is from all states of Australia and most of our members find that although the friendships they have made by joining their local multiple birth group are wonderful, they needed more. So Multinet works in conjunction with other multiple birth groups to ensure miltiple birth families have as much support as possible as their twins, triplets (or more) move from preschoolers to "big school", university and beyond. Many of our members act as POSAM (Parents of School Age Multiples) contacts in their own club and share their knowledge by attending Multiples in School evenings or as guest speakers on different topics for those wondering what it will be like when their babies "grow up".


We look forward to attending AMBA's National Convention each year to meet up and talk about the joys and complexities of raising multiple birth children. It is difficult to find a peer support network to be able to talk about school concerns, exams, adolescence, boyfriends/girlfriends, learning to drive, alcohol or drugs. But we are not just about dwelling on the tough times, but also the joy we experience as we watch our wonderful families grow into adulthood.


Our membership covers so many years of parenting twins, triplets, etc that we hope we can successfully support each other through our lifetime of parenting.


We carry the AMBA catch phrase - "Advice from those who know" - to all stages of parenting.





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